6 Steps to Having the Best Visual Content – For Hairstylists & Make Up Artists

In the age of social media, visual content is so important to the success of a business. It is proven that people often pay more attention to imagery rather than text. With that, all businesses can benefit from sharing visual content. So, if you own or are a part of a hair salon, this information is major! In our industry, photos and videos are everything! This is how new potential clientele can see the work that a salon does. ONE photo or video can be the deciding factor that brings them through the door.

  1. Clean your lens. First things first! Whether your camera is a DSLR, point-and-shoot, or phone; you ALWAYS want to clean the lens prior to shooting. Dust and grime can build up throughout the day causing photos to be faded and blurry. In order to get the best, most crisp image; you’ll want to make sure your lens is clear!
  2. Find the right lighting. Photos/videos can turn out beautiful in natural OR artificial lighting. Whichever one you choose is entirely up to YOU and the mood you are going for. Either way, make sure the subject is well lit in order to display all the beautiful details! 
  3. Make sure the background is clear. A cluttered background can be distracting from what you want people to see. If you’re inside, search for a solid wall. You may even have a designated photo station. Even better! If you are outside, find a place with beautiful greenery or maybe the side of a building! Avoid any cars or dumpsters!
  4. Pose your subject and adjust hair. You want to make sure that whoever you’re capturing is posed properly and hair is in place! This is our selling point and you want people online to see what you’re capable of!
  5. Angle your camera in a way that is most flattering to the subject. Everyone is different and looks their best from different angles. Not only do you want these photos and videos to look nice for the sake of your business, you also want to capture your subject in such a way that THEY will want to share this content, as well. Free advertising 101!
  6. When editing, don’t alter the color, ENHANCE it. It is a fact that pictures and videos do not do complete justice for what you can see with your eyes. Having said this, it is okay to enhance a photo or video via playing with the contrast and brightness. Filters can be okay, at times, too. However, you never want to completely transform a photo or video and cause it to look different than what it truly is. As long as the color remains the same, you can make it pop all day!

The list could go on, but these are the basics! At the end of the day, the photos and videos you take are unique to your creative style and vision! We hope this list helps you in some way. Keep rocking the hairstylist life!

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